Current affairs 2017 top 20 questions

1.  The  book  – Master  on  Masters - was  written by
(a)  Sachin  Tendulkar
(b)  Ustad  Amjad  Ali  Khan
(c)  Ustad  Zakir  Hussain
(d)  M S Dhoni
Ans- b
2.  Which  State  Legislative Assembly  passed  a  Bill  to prevent cow slaughter recently.
(a)  Uttar Pradesh
(b)  Uttarakhand
(c)  Gujarat
(d)  Punjab
Ans- c
3.  India  Open  Super  Series badminton  tournament  is being held  in
(a)  Hyderabad
(b)  New Delhi
(c)  Bengaluru
(d)  Pune
Ans- b
4.  Who of the following indian actress  won  top  honours  at  New York  Indian  Film Festival?
(a)  Priyanka  Chopra
(b)  Aishwarya  Rai  Bachhan
(c)  Konkona Sen Sharma
(d)  Katrina  Kaif
Ans- c
5.  Which  of  the  following  film becomes  first  Indian  film  to collect 1000 Crore  Rs world wide?
(a)  Dangal
(b)  Rushtom
(c)  Bahubali  2
(d)  Bajrangi  Bhaijaan
Ans- c
6.  Name the malicious software that  aIected  various  computers recently  and  restricted  users' access  to  it  until  a  ransom  is paid to  unlock it? (a)  Bitcoinware
(b)  Captiveware
(c)  Ransomware
(d)  Pay-oIware
Ans- c
7.  Who  of  the  following  won  the men’s  singles  title  of  the  Madrid Open of Tennis.
(a)  Novak Djokovic
(b)  Roger Federer
(c)  Dominic Thiem
(d)  Rafael Nadal
Ans- d
8.  The  National  Green  Tribunal (NGT) in  May  2017  banned  open defecation  and  dumping  of waste on  the  foodplains  of  this river.
(a)  Krishna
(b)  Yamuna
(c)  Ganga
(d)  Tapti
Ans- b
9.  Cabinet  of  this  country  has approved  a  bill  that  will  allow  its emperor to abdicate  this  thrown to allow  the  prince  crown  to  take charge  of  the same.
(a)  Japan
(b)  UAE
(c)  North  Korea
(d)  Myanmar
Ans- a
10.  International  Day  of  Families was  observed  on  15  May  2017 with this  theme  for the year.
(a)  Ensuring  work  family balance
(b)  Families,  healthy  lives  and sustainable  future
(c)  Families,  education  and well- being
(d)  Changing  Families:  Challenges and Opportunities
Ans- c
11.  Who of the following created record  by  scoring  second highest score  in  women's  One Day International?
(a)  Jhulan Goswami
(b)  Deepti  Sharma
(c)  Belinda Clarke
(d)  Anjum Chopra
Ans- b
12.  When is International  Day of Faimilies  observed  every  year?
(a)  16  May
(b)  17  May
(c)  18  MaY
(d) 15  May
Ans- d
13.  Name the Japan's men-only island  that  was  recommended by UNESCO for  World  Heritage status.
(a)  Hashima Island
(b)  Sakhalin  Island
(c)  Tashirojima  Island
(d)  Okinoshima Island
Ans- d
14.  Which  Indian  actor  was conferred  the  award  for outstanding  achievement  in Cinema posthumously  at  the  7th annual Asian  Awards  held  in the United Kingdom?
(a)  Om Puri
(b)  Kader Khan
(c)  Naseeruddin  Shah
(d)  Imran  Khan
Ans- a
15.  The  second unit  of Kudankulam Nuclear  Power  plant,  which started
 commercial  generation  of power  recently,  is  located  in
(a)  Karnataka
(b)  Uttar Pradesh
(c)  Maharashtra
(d)  Tamil Nadu
Ans- d
16.  Asia's  largest  Tulip  Garden opens  for  tourists.  Where  it  is located?
(a)  Assam
(b)  Kerala
(c)  Sikkim
(d)  Jammu & Kashmir
Ans- d
17.   Which  state’s  government  has ordered  an  indenite  ban  on sand mining  in  Narmada River?
(a)  Madhya Pradesh
(b)  Maharashtra
(c)  Gujarat
(d)  Rajasthan
Ans- a
18.  The  two-day  ‘Start  up  India Summit’  was convened in which country?
(a)  United Kingdom
(b)  United  Arab Emirates
(c)  Japan
(d)  Germany
Ans- b
19.  The  United  States  has  issued a travel  advisory,  cautioning  its citizens  from  travelling  to  which Muslim nation?
(a)  Iran
(b)  Yemen
(c)  Pakistan
(d)  Israel
Ans- c
20.  Which  state  signed  an  MoU  with IIT  Kharagpur  to  devise Happiness Index?
(a)  Madhya Pradesh
(b)  Chhattisgarh
(c)  West Bengal
(d)  Kerala
Ans- a
                                By R k maurya 
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