Geography ke 50mcq part-2

51. What is the position of the earth in the order of distance from the Sun? Ans- Third
52. Which planet is called 'blue planet'?
Ans- to earth
53. Who discovered Uranus planet?
Ans- William Herschel
54. Which planets revolve from east to west?
Ans- Venus and Uranus
55. 'Ganymede' is the satellite of which planet?
Ans- of Jupiter
56. Which planet is surrounded by most gases?
Ans- Uranus
57. Which planet is called a 'recaptured planet'?
Ans- to Uranus
58. Which planet is the sun's backbone: the rotation period is minimal?
Ans- Mercury planet
59. Which planet of the solar system takes less time than all planets to roam on its axis?
Ans- Jupiter
60. Which planet is the sun's backbone: the roaming time is maximum?
Ans- Neptune
61. Where is the tail of the cusp of the continent always?
Ans- away from the sun (opposite)
62. What is the 'planet earth'?
Ans- Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
63. Who are the nearest and the nearest planets from the Sun?
Ans- Neptune and Mercury respectively
64. What is 'Pluto'?
Ans- a dwarf planet
65. Which planet is called 'morning star'?
Ans- to Venus
66. Which planet is called 'Eve of the evening'?
Ans- to Venus
67. Which is the brightest planet in the solar system?
Ans- Venus
68. Which planet is the lowest density?
Ans- saturn
69. What is the reason for the happening of the red color of the sun going down?
Ans- Dispersion of light in Earth's atmosphere
70. What percentage of the moon is visible from the Earth?
Ans- 57%
71. What is the relatively cold part of the Sun, which has a temperature of 1500 ° C?
Ans- Solar stigma
72. Which planet is called 'red planet'?
Ans- to Mars
73. In what form is the completion of Giant Stars?
Ans- In the form of black hole
74. Which planet has four rings around it?
Ans- of Saturn
75. What is the largest satellite of Saturn?
Ans- Titan
76. How many constellations are there in space?
Ans- 89
77. How much is the dorsal temperature of the sun measured?
Ans- 6000 ° C
78. What is the percentage of hydrogen in the chemical mixture of the sun?
Ans- 81%
79. Which planet is called 'God of beauty'? Ans- to Venus
80. What is the coldest planet in the solar system?
Ans- Neptune
81. How many years after Heli Paval Tara is seen?
Ans- 76 years
82. Which year is expected to see Heli Paval Tara?
Ans- in 2062
83. When did heli petal star appear last time?
Ans- in 1986
84. Who compiled the rules of the motion of the planets?
Ans- Kepler
85. Which planets are located between Mars and Uranus?
Ans- Jupiter and Saturn
86. What is the Earth at its peripheral trajectory about which velocity does the Sun revolve around?
Ans- 30km / s
87. Which stage is the most consistent for the presence of life on Mars?
Ans- Presence of ice components and frozen water
88. Which element is the highest in the Sun?
Ans- Hydrogen
89. What is the meteorite?
Ans- Part of the fluid that entered the Earth's atmosphere from outer space
90. What is the nuclear fuel in the sun?
Ans- Hydrogen
91. What method do we use in determining the age of earth?
Ans- uranium dating
92. What does the rising of the night star represent?
Ans- East direction
93. Which planet is very intense in the solar system?
Ans- Mercury
94. How long does the mercury take place in the orbit of the sun?
Ans- in 88 days
95. What is the area of ​​excessive gravity located in the center of our galaxy, which pulls every material coming into its territory towards it?
Ans- Black hole (black hole)
96. What is the largest satellite of the planet Jupiter?
Ans- Ganymede
97. Earth revolves around its dust, who first proposed it?
Ans- Copernicus
98. Which planet has the most satellites?
Ans- of Jupiter
99. What is the name of the outer surface of the Sun?
Ans- Corona
100. What is the name of the first airborne spacecraft sent to explore Venus?
Ans- Magellan
                                   By Rk maurya 
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