Dmrc paper 2016 question for civil engineering part - 2

1. Vertical curves are provided where algebraic difference between grades is equal to or
(A) More than 4 mm/m
(B) Less than 4 mm/m
(C) More than 2 mm/m
(D) Less than 2 mm/m

2. What is the pH value of a water logged field, if the top soil has become alkaline and water logged?
(A) 8                  (B) 9
(C) 10                (D) 11

3. It was found that the critical angle of a dam against seepage pressure with respect to normal was 45
degrees. According to Khosla creep theory, what can you say about the structure?
(A) The dam is stable against seepage pressure
(B) The dam is stable against overturning
(C) The dam is stable against lateral pressure
(D) The dam is stable against heave pressure

4. What is the least count of a vernier scale?
(A) Difference of the smallest division of main and vernier scales
(B) Sum of the smallest division of main and vernier scales
(C) Value of one division of vernier scale divided by the total number of division of primary scale
(D) Value of one division of primary scale divided by the total number of division of vernier scale

5. A Plot of land measures 30 cm x 60 cm on a map drawn to scale 1 cm= 50 m. What will be the area of the map when placed on a topographical map drawn to a scale of 1 cm = 600m?
(A) 15.0
(B) 22.5
(C) 12.5
(D) 24.0

6. The degree of saturation is a ratio between which of the following parameters?
(A) Volume of pores by volume of water
(B) Volume of water by volume of pores
(C) Volume of solids by volume of pores
(D) Volume of air by volume of pores

7. What will be the difference of level between point C & D if the Back sight & Fore sight at points C & D are 3.565 & 2.865 respectively?
(A) Fall of 0.700 m from C to D
(B) Rise of 1.700 m from C to D
(C) Rise of 0.700 m from C to D
(D) Fall of 1.700 m from C to D

8. In CPM, the Earliest Finish Time (EFT) is calculated by
(A) Earliest start time + activity duration
(B) Activity duration - earliest start time
(C) Earliest start time - activity duration
(D) Earliest start time - latest finish time

9. The frictional resistance caused by the shear force between fluid particles and boundary walls of the pipe as well as the viscosity of the fluid is called
(A) Minor loss
(B) Major loss
(C) Fringe loss
(D) Surface loss

10. CPM in project management stands for
(A) Critical Path Method
(B) Construction Planning & Management
(C) Control Project Management
(D) Construction Project Manpower

11. What are the factors on which the calculation of the depth of foundation depends, as per Rankines formula?
(A) Elasticity of soil, unit weight of soil & angle of repose
(B) Shear strength of soil, dry density & intensity of loading
(C) Plasticity of soil, dry density & intensity of loading
(D) Permissible pressure, unit weight of soil & angle of repose

12. If the stopping distance and average length of a vehicle are 18 m and 6 m respectively, then the
theoretical maximum capacity of a traffic lane at a speed of 10 m/sec is
(A) 1000 vehicles/hr
(B) 1500 vehicles/hr
(C) 2000 vehicles/hr
(D) 3000 vehicles/hr

13. If a canal runs parallel to road which has natural drain along its edges. Then the canal is defined as
(A) Aqueduct
(B) Syphon
(C) Syphon aqueduct
(D) Super passage

14. What is the Cardinal Principle of Surveying?
(A) Working from Whole to Part
(B) Working from Part to Whole
(C) Working from Part to Part
(D) Working from Whole to Whole

15. The number of independent equations to be satisfied for static equilibrium of a plane structure is
(A) 4             (B) 7
(C)3               (D) 5

16. Highway facilities are designed for which of the following?
(A) Annual average hourly volume
(B) Annual average daily traffic
(C) Thirtieth highest hourly volume
(D) Peak hourly volume of the year

17. The graphical pattern obtained by the intersection of stream lines and equipotential lines is defined as
(A) Flow net
(B) Flow lines
(C) Flow potential lines
(D) Flow stream lines

18. Enoscope is used to determine
(A) Spot speed
(B) Average speed
(C) Space-mean speed
(D) Time-mean speed

19. At a point in a strained material, if two mutually perpendicular tensile stresses of 200 N/mm2 and 100 N/mm2 is acting, then what will be the intensity of tangential stress on a plane inclined at 15o to the axis of the minor stress?
(A) 12.5 Nmm2
(B) 25 Nmm2
(C) 350 Nmm2
(D) 300 Nmm2

20. A fixed beam AB is subjected to a triangular load varying from zero at end A to W per unit length at end
B. What is the ratio of fixed end moment at A to B?
(A) 1/3               (B) 1
(C) 2/3                (D) 3/2

21. The rate of filtration through slow sand filters in million liter/day/hectare is
(A) 50 - 60
(B) 100 - 150
(C) 500 - 600
(D) 1400 - 1500

22. According to Indian Road Congress recommendation, the maximum limit of super elevation for mixed traffic in plain terrain is
(A) Equal to camber
(B) 1 in 10
(C) 1 in 12.5
(D) 1 in 15

23. At points and crossings, the total number of sleepers for 1 in 12 turnouts in broad gauge is
(A) 51            (B) 62
(C) 70            (D) 78

24. What is the basic span / depth ratio specified in the code for control of deflection limit state in structural
concrete members for continuous support?
(A) 7               (B) 20
(C) 26              (D) 36

25. What is the expression of continuity equation for steady flow and incompressible flow?
(A) d(ρu/dx) + d(ρv/dy) + d(ρw/dz) + dρ/dt = 0
(B) d(ρu/dx) + d(ρv/dy) + d(ρw/dz) = 0
(C) ρdu/dx + ρdv/dy + ρdw/dz + dp/dt = 0
(D) du/dx + dv/dy + dw/dz = 0

26. How many links are recommended in a 20 m Metric
chain as per IS: 1492-1970?
(A) 75             (B) 100
(C) 50              (D) 25

27. While measuring linear distance with a tape by applying normal tension, which of the following
corrections is automatically rectified?
(A) Correction due to sag only
(B) Correction due to pull only
(C) Correction due to sag and pull
(D) Correction due to alignment

28. In project management PERT stands for
(A) Project Equipment & Revenue Technique
(B) Project Evaluation & Resource Technique
(C) Program Evaluation & Review Technique
(D) Program Estimate & Review Technique

29. The layout of distribution system which conveys water flow towards the outer periphery is
(A) Radial system
(B) Dead end system
(C) Ring system
(D) Grid iron system

30. Which of the following compounds is widely used for
algae control?
(A) Sodium sulphate
(B) Copper sulphate
(C) Sodium chloride
(D) Calcium chloride
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