Dmrc je civil modal-questions-paper-part - 1

1. The hydraulic gradient line is sum of which of the following terms?
(A) Pressure head, velocity head with respect to a reference line
(B) Pressure head, datum head with respect to a reference line
(C) Velocity head, datum head with respect to a reference line
(D) Pressure head with respect to a reference line

2. The amount of residual chlorine left in treated water is about
(A) 0.01 to 0.05 ppm
(B) 0.05 to 0.5 ppm
(C) 0.5 to 1.0 ppm
(D) 1.0 to 2.0 ppm

3. Which type of frame it will be, if it has 3 joints & 4 members?
(A) Deficient
(B) Perfect
(C) Redundant
(D) Efficient

4. If a rectangular bar has been subjected to torsion, then maximum shear stress will occur
(A) At the centre
(B) At the corner
(C) At the middle of longer side
(D) Along the diagonal

5. What shall be the maximum Shear force in a simply supported beam of span 3 m having a point load of 4 KN at the centre of the beam?
(A) 4 KN          (B) 2 KN
(C) 6 KN           (D) 8 KN

6. Wear of rails is maximum in
(A) Tangent track
(B) Tunnels
(C) Sharp curve
(D) Coastal area

7. Which is the correct sequence of jobs in construction management?
(A) Planning, Scheduling &Controlling
(B) Planning, Controlling &Scheduling
(C) Scheduling, Planning &Controlling
(D) Controlling, Planning &Scheduling

8. Which type of survey facilitates field observations and the plotting on a sheet simultaneously?
(A) Compass        (B) Chain
(C) Theodolite     (D) Plane Table

9. Which condition applies for statically indeterminate beams?
(A) No. of equilibrium conditions are more than no. of reactions
(B) No. of reactions are more than no. of equilibrium conditions
(C) No. of reactions are equal to no. of equilibrium conditions
(D) No. Of reactions are more than no. of forces

10. If the design speed is V kmph and deviation angle is N radians, then the total length of a valley curve in meter is expressed as
(A) 3.8 NV1/2
(B) 3.8 (NV3)1/2
(C) 0.38 (NV3)1/2
(D) 0.38 NV3/2

11. The characteristic strength of a material is defined as
(A) The value below which not more than 10% of sample may fail
(B) The value below which not more than 5% of sample may fail
(C) The value below which not more than 15% of sample may fail
(D) The value below which not more than 2.5% of sample may fail

12. In the Hill roads, if several alternate alignments are surveyed which fulfill the geometric standards, then the preferred alignment is the one which has resisting length as
(A) Maximum
(B) Minimum
(C) Very near to average resisting length of all the alignments
(D) Zero

13. For the construction of water bound macadam roads, the correct sequence of operation after spreading
coarse aggregates is
(A) Dry rolling, wet rolling, application of screening and application of filler
(B) Dry rolling, application of filler wet rolling, and application of screening
(C) Dry rolling, application of screening, wet rolling, and application of filler
(D) Dry rolling, application of screening, application of filler and wet rolling

14. Which network analysis method is more useful for the projects of repetitive in nature?
(C) Bar Charts
(D) Mile Stone Charts

15. How many poise is 1 Pascal-Second?
(A) 12            (B) 13
(C) 14             (D) 10

16. The depth of water standing for crop, during the time, the crop grows in the field is defined as
(A) Duty            (B) Crop ratio
(C) Delta            (D) Base period

17. Certain key events in the life of a project are called:
(A) Dummies
(B) Critical events
(C) Nodes
(D) Milestones

18. Which of the following is a statically determinate structural member?
(A) Fixed beam
(B) Continuous beam
(C) Simply supported beam
(D) Portal frame

19. During the survey of metro rail line, it was observed that a canal and drainage intersect at almost same
level, while aligning the metro line from one point to another. What structure needs to be built for this
(A) Inlet and outlet
(B) A syphon
(C) Aqueduct
(D) A level crossing

20. Which theorem states that, “In any beam the deflection at any point D due to load W at any other point C is same as the deflection at C due to the same load W applied at D”?
(A) Castigliano's theorem
(B) Conjugate Beam Theorem
(C) Strain Energy Theorem
(D) Maxwell's Reciprocal deflection theorem

21. Which of the following is NOT the displacement
(A) Slope deflection method
(B) Moment distribution method
(C) Kani's method
(D) Column analogy method

22. Ringelmann scale is used to
(A) Measure CO
(B) Measure SO2
(C) Grade density of smoke
(D) Grade automobile exhaust gas

23. The hourly variation factor is usually taken as
(A) 1.5            (B) 1.8
(C) 2                (D) 2.7

24. For water bound macadam roads in localities of heavy rainfall, the recommended value of camber is
(A) 1 in 30           (B) 1 in 36
(C) 1 in 48           (D) 1 in 60

25. What is the name of the equation, V = sqrt (Cmi), where 'C' is a constant, 'm' is hydraulic mean depth and 'I' is hydraulic depth?
(A) Euler's equation
(B) Darcy Weisbach equation
(C) Chezy's formula
(D) Navier Stoke's equation

26. The permissible standards of air quality fixed in India for residential areas for SPM, SO2, NO and CO in
µg/m3 respectively are
(A) 200, 80, 80, 2000
(B) 500, 120, 120, 5000
(C) 100, 30, 30, 1000
(D) 160, 80, 100, 10000

27. Rigidity factor is defined as
(A) The product of contact pressure & tyre pressure
(B) The difference between contact pressure & tyre pressure
(C) The sum of contact pressure & tyre pressure
(D) The ratio of contact pressure to tyre pressure

28. Number of fish bolts per fish plate is
(A) 2             (B) 4
(C) 5             (D) 6

29. What is the use of orifice meter?
(A) Measure pressure
(B) Measure discharge
(C) Measure average speed
(D) Measure velocity

30. In a project activity for completion, if the most optimistic time is 4 days, most likely time is 6
days & most pessimistic time is 11 days, then the Expected time shall be
(A) 5.5 days
(B) 6.5 days
(C) 8 days
(D) 7 days

31. A channel has a mean velocity of 0.6 m/s, which will keep the channel free from silting and scouring. This
means the velocity is referred as
(A) Critical velocity
(B) Terminal velocity
(C) Scouring velocity
(D) Settling velocity

32. What shall be the section modulus of a rectangular beam having width 2 m and depth 3 m?
(A) 6 cubic m
(B) 3 cubic m
(C) 18 cubic m
(D) 21 cubic m

33. The rate of BOD exerted at any time is
(A) Directly proportional to BOD satisfied
(B) Directly proportional to BOD remaining
(C) Inversely proportional to BOD satisfied
(D) Inversely proportional to BOD remaining

34. The maximum amount of time that an activity can be delayed without extending the completion time of the overall project is called:
(A) Duration
(B) Time Limit
(C) Float
(D) Critical path

35. If the R.L of a B.M is 50 m, the back sight is 1.25 and foresight is 1.85, then what will be the R.L of the forward station?
(A) 46.9
(B) 49.4
(C) 50.6
(D) 53.1

36. What is the relation between Consumptive Irrigation Requirement (CIR), Net Irrigation Requirement (NIR), Field Irrigation Requirement (FIR) and Gross Irrigation
Requirement (GIR)?

37. When an ascending gradient of 1 in 50 meets a descending gradient of 1 in 50, the length of summit curve for a stopping sight distance of 80 m will be
(A) Zero
(B) 64 m
(C) 60 m
(D) 80 m

38. The Percentage of bacterial load that is removed through plain sedimentation is about
(A) 25
(B) 50
(C) 75
(D) 85

39. Which of the following is a permanent adjustment in the Compass Survey Instrument?
(A) Vertical pivot axis
(B) Centering
(C) Leveling
(D) Focusing

40. For construction of buildings in seismic prone areas, the structural engineer should refer which of the
following codes along with IS 456?
(A) 13920-1994
(B) 13910-1993
(C) 13910-1994
(D) 13920-1993

41. What shall be the Quadrantal bearing, if the whole circle bearing is 112 degree?
(A) S 68 degree E
(B) N 112 degree S
(C) E 22 degree S
(D) N 258 degree S

42. What is the expression for toughness index (It) (where Ip, Il and If are plasticity index, liquidity index
and flow index respectively)?
(A) Ip/Il
(B) Il/If
(C) Ip/If
(D) If/Ip

43. The characteristics of fresh and septic wastewater respectively are
(A) Acidic and Alkaline
(B) Both acidic
(C) Alkaline and Acidic
(D) Both alkaline

44. A pipe conveying domestic wastewater from plumbing fixtures of a single building to common sewer or point of immediate disposal is known as
(A) House sewer
(B) Lateral sewer
(C) Main sewer
(D) Sub main sewer

45. Which of the following Indian standard code has the Live or Imposed loads specified for different types of floors?
(A) IS:456
(B) IS:800
(C) IS:875
(D) IS:1893

46. What is the permissible width of crack in concrete structures as per the IS: 456-2000 for moderate
environmental conditions?
(A) 0.2 mm
(B) 0.4 mm
(C) 0.6 mm
(D) 0.8 mm

47. What is the detention period and overflow rate for plain sedimentation tank compared to sedimentation
with coagulation?
(A) Less and more respectively
(B) Less and less respectively
(C) More and less respectively
(D) More and more respectively

48. Where will the capillary zone lie, if the water table is at a point 3.5 m from the ground level?
(A) 3.8 m
(B) 3.6 m
(C) 3.5 m
(D) 3.4 m

49. Hydraulic ram is used for lifting heavy vehicles or items. What is the principle behind the application of
hydraulic ram?
(A) Pascal's law
(B) Bernoulli's law
(C) Newton's law
(D) Navier-Stoke's law

50. Which of the following is the Kennedy critical velocity equation?
(A) Vo = 0.55 m D0.64
(B) Vo = 0.55 m D0.56
(C) Vo = 0.64 m D0.56
(D) Vo = 0.64 m D0.64
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