Dmrc civil engineering paper - 2016/ part - 3

1. The hydraulic gradient line is sum of which of the following terms?
(A) Pressure head, velocity head with respect to a reference line
(B) Pressure head, datum head with respect to a reference line
(C) Velocity head, datum head with respect to a reference line
(D) Pressure head with respect to a reference line

2. The amount of residual chlorine left in treated water is about
(A) 0.01 to 0.05 ppm
(B) 0.05 to 0.5 ppm
(C) 0.5 to 1.0 ppm
(D) 1.0 to 2.0 ppm

3. Which type of frame it will be, if it has 3 joints & 4 members?
(A) Deficient
(B) Perfect
(C) Redundant
(D) Efficient

4. If a rectangular bar has been subjected to torsion, then maximum shear stress will occur
(A) At the centre
(B) At the corner
(C) At the middle of longer side
(D) Along the diagonal

5. What shall be the maximum Shear force in a simply supported beam of span 3 m having a point load of 4
KN at the centre of the beam?
(A) 4 KN।           (B) 2 KN
(C) 6 KN।            (D) 8 KN

6. Which one of the following failures is caused by loose fish bolts at expansion joints?
(A) Angular break
(B) Crushed head
(C) Split head
(D) Transverse fissures

7. The actual velocity of water flowing through the voids called as
(A) Seepage velocity
(B) Infiltration velocity
(C) Flow velocity
(D) Void velocity

8. What will happen if there is upward migration of water table towards the capillary fringe and the atmospheric pressure falls to the freezing point?
(A) Frost Bulb
(B) Capillary Heave
(C) Frost Heave
(D) Capillary Bulb

9. As per IS 456: 2000 recommendations, the latest
time by which the formwork can be removed from columns, walls and beams is given by which of the following choices?
(A) 10 hours             (B) 12 hours
(C) 16 hours             (D) 15 hours

10. On a stressed body there are points on which shear stress is zero. These planes are known as
(A) Orthogonal planes
(B) Normal planes
(C) Shear planes
(D) Principal planes

11. The distribution mains are designed for
(A) Maximum daily demand
(B) Maximum hourly demand
(C) Average daily demand
(D) Maximum hourly demand on maximum day

12. Two important constituents in composition of steel used in rail are
(A) Carbon and Manganese
(B) Carbon and Sulfur
(C) Carbon and Silica
(D) Manganese and Phosphorus

13. Which one of these is used for measurement of base line?
(A) Metric chain
(B) Invar tape
(C) Steel tape
(D) Engineer's chain

14. Which of the following is the Coulomb shear strength equation?
(A) S= c + Ω cos φ
(B) S= Ω + c tan φ
(C) S= c + Ω tan φ
(D) S= Ω + c cos φ

15. Composite sleeper index is the index of
(A) Toughness and Wear resistance
(B) Strength and Toughness
(C) Hardness and Strength
(D) Wear resistance and Hardness

16. What shall be the back bearing of a line, if its fore bearing is 280 degree?
(A) 80 degree
(B) 100 degree
(C) 190 degree
(D) 200 degree

17. What will be the curve lead for a 1 in 8.5 turnout taking off from a straight B G track?
(A) 28.49 m         (B) 21.04 m
(C) 14.24 m          (D) 7.45 m

18. What shall be the maximum spacing of vertical shear
reinforcement in a structural member along the axis of the member, if "d" is the effective depth of the section?
(A) 0.25d            (B) 0.5d
(C) 0.75d            (D) 1.0d

19. What is the correction for refraction as applied to staff reading (where R is radius of earth)?
(A) d2/2R
(B) 1/7(d2/2R)
(C) 6/7(d2/2R)
(D) 1/7(d2/R)

20. What shall be the maximum deflection in a simply supported beam of size 50 x 100mm & span 10 m
having a point load 1 KN at the centre? Assume E= 100000 N/
(A) 60 mm            (B) 50 mm
(C) 70 mm             (D) 80 mm

21. What is the name of the equation, V = sqrt (Cmi), where 'C' is a constant, 'm' is hydraulic mean depth and 'i' is hydraulic depth?
(A) Navier Stoke's equation
(B) Hagen Poiseuille equation
(C) Bernoulli equation
(D) Euler's equation

22. The required slope correction for a length of 60 m along a gradient of 1 in 20 is
(A) 7.5 m
(B) 7.5 cm
(C) 0.75 cm
(D) 5.75 cm

23. In column analogy method, what is the area of an analogous column for a fixed beam of span 2L and
flexural rigidity 2EI?
(A) L/EI            (B) L/2EI
(C) 2L/EI           (D) L/4EI

24. Tensile strength of steel used in rails should NOT be less than
(A) 850 Mpa
(B) 700 Mpa
(C) 500 Mpa
(D) 450 Mpa

25. The delta for a crop having base period of 100 days is 75 cm. What is the duty?
(A) 2304 hectare/cumec
(B) 1152 hectare/cumec
(C) 115.2 hectare/cumec
(D) 11.52 hectare/cumec

26. While designing superelevation for mixed traffic conditions, the speed gets reduced by
(A) 25%             (B) 2%
(C) 15%              (D) 1%

27. What is the minimum grade of concrete used in pre-stressed concrete for pre-tensioned members?
(A) M55                 (B) M20
(C) M30                 (D) M40

28. In construction drawings, Ct is commonly referred as
(A) Compression tie
(B) Continuous tie
(C) Concrete tie
(D) Column tie

29. Compared to a level surface, the stopping sight distance on a descending gradient is
(A) Less
(B) More
(C) Same
(D) Depends on the speed

30. The cross-sectional area of 52 kg flat-footed rail is
(A) 7235 mm2
(B) 7825 mm2
(C) 6615 mm2
(D) 6155 mm2
                                By R k maurya 
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