30 MCQ for dmrc je

Ques 1. Which type of operation in a network requires neither any time nor any resources?
(A) Parallel
(B) Dummy
(C) Serial
(D) Redundancy

Ques 2. A given material has young’s modulus E, modulus of rigidity G and passion’s ratio 0.25. The ratio of young’s modulus to modulus of rigidity of this material is:
(A) 3.75            (B) 3
(C) 2.5              (D) 1.5

Ques 3. A vertical member of frame, which is employed to subdivide a window or door vertically is:
(A) Jamb             (B) Panel
(C) Mullion        (D) Transoms

Ques 4. The modulus of elasticity (E) of concrete is given by:
(A) E = 1000 fck
(B) E= 5700 √fck
(C) E= 5700mg
(D) E= 1000 √fck

Ques 5. The height of instrument (HI) is equal to:
(A) R.L. of BM + BS
(B) R.L. of BM + FS
(C) R.L. of BM + IS
(D) BS + FS

Ques 6. Which of the following rule in a network is true?
(A) Event can occur even if all activities leading to it are not completed.
(B) An event can occur twice
(C) There can be dead ends
(D) There must be only single initial node

Ques 7. A short column 300 mm x 300 mm is reinforced with 4 bars of 20mm dia. (Fe–415 grade). If concrete is M-20 grade, the max. axial load Pu (kN) allowed on it is:
(A) 1059.0             (B) 1159.0
(C) 1173.0             (D) None of these

Ques 8. The water content in  the soil is:
(A)  Ratio of volume of  water to volume of soil
(B)  Ratio of volume of water to volume of solids
(C)  Ratio of weight of water to volume of soil
(D)  Ratio of weight of water to weight of solids

Ques 9. Concentration of fluorides desirable in water is:
(A) 1 to 2 mg/litre
(B) Not more than 1 mg/litre
(C) 10 to 20 mg/litre
(D) Not more than 250 mg/litre

Ques 10. Moment Distribution method of Structural  analysis  is applicable to: (A)  Stable but statically  indeterminate structures
(B)  Stable but statically  determinate structures
(C)  Unstable but statically  indeterminate structures
(D)  Unstable but statically  determinate structures

Ques 11. The minium ratio of thickness of elements in compression, in terms of their outstanding length has been specified to prevent:
(A) Fracture
(B) Bearing failure
(C) Tension failure
(D) Local buckling

Ques 12. The weight of a rail and its section is decided on the basis of:
(A) Heaviest axle load
(B) Maximum permissible speed
(C) Depth of Ballast
(D) All of these

Ques 13. The time dependent deformation on soil is known as?
(A) Crack             (B) Creep
(C) Cut                  (D) Condensation

Ques 14. Grain size, viscosity, temperature and void ratio are the important factors influencing which of the following property of soil?
(A) Infiltration
(B) Seepage
(C) Permeability
(D) Porosity

Ques 15. The y component of velocity in a two dimensional incompressible flow is given by v=2y. At the point (0, 1) the x component of velocity u=0. What is the equation for the x component of velocity?
(A) u=0                (B) u=2x
(C) u=-2x             (D) u=2y

Ques 16. Irrigation canals are aligned along with which of the following geographical feature?
(A) Straight line
(B) Valley line
(C) Contour line
(D) Ridge line

Ques 17. If the depth of an excavation is 20 metres, number of single stage well points to be installed at
various levels, is
(A) 5         (B) 4
(C) 3         (D) 2

Ques 18. A Plot of land measures 30 cm x 60 cm on a map drawn to scale 1 cm= 50 m. What will be the area of
the map when placed on a topographical map drawn
to a scale of 1 cm = 600 m?
(A) 15.0 sq.cm        (B) 22.5 sq.cm
(C) 12.5 sq.cm        (D) 24.0 sq.cm

Ques 19. In case of multi-storeyed buildings, the forms to be removed first are
(A) Sides of beams and girders
(B) Column forms
(C) Bottom of beams and girders
(D) All the above at the same time

Ques 20. The vertical members fixed between steps and hand rail, are known
(A) Balusters           (B) Strings
(C) Newel posts      (D) Soffits

Ques 21. What is the pH value of a water logged field, if the top soil has become alkaline and water logged?
(A) 8               (B) 9
(C) 10             (D) 11

Ques 22. The depth of an arch is the distance between
(A) Ground level and springing line
(B) Crown and springing line
(C) Crown and ground level
(D) Intrados and extrados

Ques 23. The taper of precast concrete pile should not be more than
(A) 1 cm per metre length
(B) 2 cm per metre length
(C) 4 cm per metre length
(D) 5 cm per metre length

Ques 24. Aerobic activity is maximum
(A) In freshly produced sewage
(B) At sewer pipes
(C) In sewer treatment plants
(D) None of these

Ques 25. In 1000 kg of sewage, the total solids approximate
(A) 0.5 to 1.0 kg
(B) 1 kg to 2.0 kg
(C) 5 kg to 7.5 kg
(D) 7.5 kg to 10 kg

Ques 26. Sewer manholes are generally provided at
(A) The change of gradient
(B) The change of direction
(C) The junctions of sewers
(D) All of these

Ques 27. Before discharging the foul sewage into rivers, it is generally treated by
(A) Screening
(B) Sedimentation
(C) Oxidation
(D) All the above

Ques 28. What is the dimension of dynamic viscosity?
(A) ML-1T -1        (B) MLT -1
(C) ML-1T             (D) MLT

Ques 29. What is the pH value of a water logged field, if the top soil has become alkaline and water logged?
(A) 8              (B) 9
(C) 10            (D) 11

Ques 30. It was found that the critical angle of a dam against seepage pressure with respect to normal was 45 degrees. According to Khosla creep theory, what can you say about the structure?
(A) The dam is stable against seepage pressure
(B) The dam is stable against overturning
(C) The dam is stable against lateral are
(D)  None of these
                                     By Rk maurya 
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