BUILDING LIME ( इमारती चुना )

लाइम के महत्वपूर्ण प्रश्न एक लाइन में।

1. The commonly used lime in white washing is-
Ans- Fat lime
    2. When used in road work, the coefficient  of hardness of a stone should be greater than:
    Ans- 17

    3. The Base material far distemper is -
    Ans- chalk

    4. What is putty made up of? -
    Ans- powered chalk and raw linseed oil

    5. The process of mixing water with quick lime is called:
    Ans- Slaking of lime

    6. During Slaking process the volume of lime -
    Ans- Increases

    7. Which of the following type of lime is used for under water constructions?      
    Ans- Hydraulic lime

    8. For polishing mosaic floors we use-
    Ans-Oxalic acid

    9. Hydraulic lime is obtained by
    Ans- Burning of kankar

    10. The property by virtue of which lime sets under water, is known as  Ans- Hydraulicity

    11. The main constituent which imparts hydraulicity to hydraulic lime is
    Ans- Clay

    12. Quick lime is
    Ans- Calcium oxide

    13. Hydraulic lime is obtained by
    Ans-Burning of kankar
                               By- Rk maurya

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