भवन निर्माण एवं अनुरक्षण से संबंधित ऑब्जेक्टिव क्वेश्चन/BUILDING CONSTRUCTION PART-1


Ques 01 In spread footing, the thickness of concrete bed should not be less than
(A) 10 cm         (B) 15 cm
(C) 20 cm         (D) 30 cm
Ans: B

Ques 02 The form work from the slabs excluding props, can be removed only after
(A) 1 day          (B) 4 days
(C) 7 days        (D) 14 days
Ans: B

Ques 03 The process of filling hollow spaces of walls before plastering, is known
(A) Hacking
(B) Dubbing out
(C) Blistering
(D) Peeling
Ans: B

Ques 04 The type of arch generally constructed over a wooden lintel or over a flat arch for the purpose of
carrying the load of the wall above is
(A) Segmental arch
(B) Pointed arch
(C) Relieving arch
(D) Flat arch
Ans: C

Ques 05 The platform at the end of a series of steps, is known as
(A) Platform
(B) Relief
(C) Rest
(D) Landing
Ans: D

Ques 06 A stair should not have pitch more than
(A)25°                     (B)30°
(C)40°                     (D)50°
Ans: C

Ques 07 Pick up the correct statement from the following:
(A) A mortar joint having a concave finishing in brick masonry, is called keyed joint
(B) A mortar joint projecting beyond the face of a masonry wall, is called tucked joint
(C) A mortar joint having a recess in it, is called ruled joint
(D) All the above
Ans: D

Ques 08 The type of roof which slopes in two directions with a break in the slope on each side is known as
(A) Gable roof
(B) Hip roof
(C) Gambrel roof
(D) Mansard roof
Ans: C

Quest 09 The inclined surface of an abutment to receive the arch, is known as
(A) Skew back        (B) Soffit
(C) Spandrel           (D) Haunch
Ans: A

Ques 10 Pick up the correct statement from the following:
(A) D.P.C. should be continuous
(B) D.P.C. should be of good impervious material
(C) D.P.C. may be horizontal or vertical
(D) All the above
Ans: D

Ques 11 A wall constructed to resist the pressure of an earth filling, is called
(A)Retaining wall
(B)Breast wall
(D)Parapet wall
Ans: A

Ques 12 Higher pitch of the roof
(i) Results in stronger roof
(ii) Results in weaker roof
(iii) Requires more covering material
(iv) Requires less covering material
The correct answer is
(A) (i) and (iii)
(B) (i) and (iv)
(C) (ii) and (iii)
(D) (ii) and (iv)
Ans: A

Ques 13 For different layers of cement concrete floor. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
(A) The lowest layer consists of consolidated ground
(B) A 10 cm thick clean sand is laid on consolidated ground
(C) A 10 cm lime concrete (1 : 4 : 8) is laid on clean sand
(D) A 10 cm thick cement concrete (1 : 2 : 4) is laid on top layer
Ans: D

Ques 14 Open test pit is only suitable upto a depth of
(A) 2 metres
(B) 2.5 metres
(C) 3 metres
(D) None of the above
Ans: C

Ques 15 The service area in a building means the area occupied by
(A) Stairs
(B) Toilets
(C) Light and shafts
(D) All the above
Ans: D

Ques 16 Cast iron piles
(A) Are suitable for works under sea water
(B) Resist shocks or vibrations
(C) Are suitable for use as batter piles
(D) Are useful for heavy vertical loads
Ans: D

Ques 17 The columns of multi-storeyed buildings are designed to withstand the forces due to
(A) Dead loads
(B) Live loads
(C) Wind loads
(D) All of these
Ans: D

Ques 18 In soils possessing low bearing capacity, the type of foundation generally provided, is
(A) Column footing
(B) Grillage footing
(C) Raft footing
(D) All the above
Ans: D

Ques 19 The minimum strength of the mortar used in load bearing brick masonry, is
(A) 50 N/cm2         (B) 100 N/cm2
(C) 150 N/cm2       (D) 200 N/cm2
Ans: B

Ques 20 As compared to stretcher course, the thickness of joints in header course should be
(A) Less
(B) More
(C) Equal
(D) Equal or more
Ans: A

Ques 21 Spread footing foundation is
(A) deep foundation
(B) shallow foundation
(C) suitable for black cotton soil
(D) both (b) and (c)
Ans: B

Ques 22 The type of pointing in which upper side of mortar joints is kept about 12 mm inside the face of
the masonry and bottom is kept flushed with face of wall, is
(A) Truck pointing
(B) Recessed pointing
(C) Struck pointing
(D) Grooved pointing
Ans: C

Ques 23 The wedge shaped bricks forming an arch ring, are called
(A) Soffits
(B) Voussoirs
(C) Haunches
(D) Spandrils
Ans: B

Ques 24 The maximum total settlement for isolated foundations on clayey soils should be limited to
(A) 25 mm।          (B) 40 mm
(C) 65 mm।          (D) 100 mm
Ans: C

Ques 25 The foundation which consists of a thick reinforced cement slab covering whole area to support
heavy concentrated structural loads, is known as
(A) Combined footing
(B) Strap footing
(C) Raft footing
(D) None of these
Ans: C

Ques 26 The grade of cement concrete used in spread footing bottom support is
(A) 1:2:4           (B) 1:3:6
(C) 1:4:8           (D) either (b) or (c)

Ques 27 Pick up the correct statement from the following:
(A) Plain cement concrete is equally strong in compression as well as in tension
(B) Slump test is performed to check concrete strength
(C) Curing of concrete is done for proper compaction of cement
(D) Fineness modulus is the index number expressing the relative sizes of both coarse and fine aggregates
Ans: D

Ques 28 The bearing capacity of a water logged soil can be improved by
(A) Compacting the soil
(B) Draining the soil
(C) Increasing the depth of foundation
(D) Grouting
Ans: B

Ques 29 The position of a brick when laid on its side 9 cm × 9 cm with its frog in the vertical plane, is called
(A) Brick on edge
(B) Brick on end
(C) Brick on bed
(D) Brick held vertically
Ans: B

Ques 30 A floor constructed with the 4 to 6 mm marble chips, is known
(A) Reinforced marble floor
(B) Terrazzo floor
(C) Marble floor
(D) Chip floor
Ans: B

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