CEMENT (सीमेंट) one liner note for SSC je

Very most important question from cement

1. The main ingredients of portland cement are:  - lime and silica  

2. Snowcrete is one of the patent from of -   water proof cement paint

3. Hydrophobic cement relates with IS code Of -   IS : 8043 - 1991 

4. White cement should have least percentage of?  -   iron oxide 

5. Oleic acid may be used in the manufacture of -   hydrophobic cement

6. Snowcem is?   -   coloured cement

7. Soundness of cement is tested by -   le-chatelier's apparatus

8. Weight of one bag of cement is -   50kg

9. What is the value of specific gravity of Ordinary portland cement?  -  3.14

10. Pickup the explosive used for tunneling in soft rocks from the following  -  Ammonia dynamite

11. In concrete,  calcium sulphate may act as  -  A retarder

12. According to  IS :383, the coarset sand falls under grading zone -  1 zone

13. The initial setting time of fresh concrete  should be  -  greater than 30 minutes

14. The role of super plasticiser in a cement paste is -  for spreading the particles and removing air bubbles and for delaying setting of cement

15. In Leeds Chatelier's apparatus we -  Estimate presence of magnesia in cement

16. Before testing the settlement (setting) time of cement which of the following test should be performed  -  Density

            By  R. k maurya
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